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How To Move IIS6 Web Site To IIS7 On Another server

I have a number of large sites with thousands of images consuming few gigabytes each. We got a new server and I have to move all these sites there (old server will be decommissioned). What's the best way to do this and what I should be paying attention to?

How to move IIS6 web site to IIS7 on another server

While there are several steps in the process, moving an SSL certificate from one Windows server to another is an easy task. It involves exporting a working SSL certificate from the MMC console to a .pfx file and then importing that file in the MMC console of the new or additional server. You will then need to assign or bind the certificate to a website in IIS in order to start using it on a website. If you need to move your SSL certificate to or from a different type of server, select the server type on our main SSL Certificate Import/Export Page

We are migrating a server and will be running both sites side by side. This worked great to export the certificate on our existing webserver running IIS 6 on Server 2003, and I was able to import it on a replica using IIS 6 and Server 2003 without breaking anything.

We are moving our intranet website from one production server(Server 1) to another(Server 2) as part of product upgrade. Our existing production server is mapped to an internal domain name such as - ABCD.XYZ.COM. Also the existing server has an SSL certificate which is binded in IIS which is issued for ABCD.XYZ.COM. If we check the details section, it has the field "Subject" where we can see CN = ABCD.XYZ.COMWe are planning to shift this SSL certificate to the new Server 2 as part of cutover. We will be exporting the certificate from Server 1. Now the domain name ABCD.XYZ.COM will also be getting mapped to Server 2 instead of Server 1. After this mapping is done, we will stop IIS on Server 1, and import the certificate in Server 2 and bind it in IIS.Will the above approach work for us?

Web Deploy (msdeploy) simplifies deployment of Web applications and Web sites to IIS servers. Administrators can use Web Deploy to synchronize IIS servers or to migrate to newer versions of IIS. Web Deploy Tool also enables administrators and delegated users to use IIS Manager to deploy ASP.NET and PHP applications to an IIS server.

Web Deploy empowers Visual Studio to help developers streamline the deployment of Web applications to Microsoft IIS Web servers or to Microsoft Azure Websites. In addition, integration with Web Platform Installer allows developers to simply and easily install community web applications.

Web Deploy allows you to efficiently synchronize sites, applications or servers across your IIS server farm by detecting differences between the source and destination content and transferring only those changes which need synchronization. The tool simplifies the synchronization process by automatically determining the configuration, content and certificates to be synchronized for a specific site. In addition to the default behavior, you still have the option to specify additional artifacts for the synchronization, including databases, COM objects, GAC assemblies and registry settings.

I have four ASP.Net web sites hosted on a Windows 2003 Server (IIS 6). I have a new Windows Server 2008 R2 with IIS 7.5. Does anyone know of a tutorial, tool, or wizard that can be used to move the web sites to the new platform? Thanks for the help.

I cannot see the default website in Windows Vista Business edition . using IIS7.I install iis7 from control panel.I enabled the Administer acct. as well.pls. reply ,my email: [email protected]Thanks,

Mike, I hope that you can help me with a related problem. I have created two websites in IIS7, and these are on ports 80 and 81. I can browse both of them locally, i.e. and :81 I want to test my site in IE6 for which I have a virtual pc running XP. I have configured networking using the Microsoft Loopback Adapter and can successfully browse one of the sites from within the vpc as However I cannot get to the second site from the guest. :81 reports "Cannot find server of DNS Error". The same is true if I try to access the working site via https (which works fine on the host pc). Anonymous authentication is enabled for both sites and, as far as I can see, my second site (port 81) is configured the same as the default site. Please can you point me in the right direction for fixing this? Is the problem in the way that I have configured IIS7, or do you think it's the way I've set up networking within the VPC? Thanks, Raith

Mike, great articles. I have new install of Win 2008 using iis7. I get a blank page (no error msg) when I try or or , etc. I cannot get any page to display in IE, even when I try on the server itself.

I ASP.NET development trainee and still in the initial phase, my company has asked me to migrate our staging server from IIS6 to IIS7. previously we were accessing our local intranet through IP address and now we look forward to make use of host-header. So, if you could furnish me some information on site binding and use of DNS server. Is DNS an essential for use of host-header and is no then what are the alternatives. Could you also tell me how to use DNS server and if its a paid utility or not?

Lastly, I removed the binding and left it blank, the way the default website is configured. It seems to me that I am missing something conceptually or this is a network issue. Can you think of anything?

I need to set up 2 FTP sites (port 21) on the same Windows 2008 server running IIS 7. Each FTP site has its own IP address. Can I do this? If so can you provide the steps? I have been looking online for a solution and all I can find is when you want to create multiple FTP sites on the SAME IP address. These have to have different IPs due to the fact that they are existing FTP sites that I am migrating from IIS 6 (Window 2003) to IIS 7. Please help!

Hey Mike, I am trying to create multiple FTP sites, with anonymous access on a Win2K8 R2 server, IIS 7.5. I have configured the FTP sites with anonymous access as provided on multiple blogs and When we try to access the ftp site from the browser (any IE version), it keeps asking for the username and password. And any username/ password combination, local account or domain account does not work. We want to access the FTP site such a way that it does not ask for the credentials when access through browser. How can I acheive it?

I have a problem with acess to my site .My iis7.5 showing error 401.3. The test connection saysThe message: The server is configured to use pass isthrough authentication with a built-in account to access the specified physical path. However, IIS Manager cannot verify whether the built-in account has access. Make sure that the application pool identity has Read access to the physical path. If this server is joined to a domain, and the application pool identity is NetworkService or LocalSystem, verify that $ has Read access to the physical path. Then test these settings again.

we have win2008 server and iis7.0, we publish our apps to the remote server by mapping the designated server drive location locally on each developer machines.we are not sure how to configure each developer a unique url to browse through each of our apps. we can publish to the remote server using vs2008 and vs2012 to the server, which can be found on the server: Gdrive/inetpub/d1 through gdrive/inetpub/d4.

we are also able to create a regular website under iis7 manager but we need something like this:a unique url to identify each developers apps & websites:http:serverdomainnameD1/app1/default.aspxhttp:serverdomainnameD1/app2/default.aspxand likewise..throughhttp:serverdomainnameD4/app1/default.aspx.http:serverdomainnameD4/app2/default.aspx

For example, here is a somewhat complex RequestMapper section covering two sites. The first,, has all content protected by Shibboleth. The second,, has the /myapp/ and /anotherapp/ directories protected.

Setting up a website on IIS is very easy to do. However, it can get very tedious when we have to migrate multiple IIS websites to a new server. For a really brand new server, the easiest to migrate all those settings of course is to clone the server and then we can reconfigure the IP addresses for each web instance from IIS on the new server. But what if that option is not possible?

This method is the simplest to implement, but only use this if you have a brand new server. DO NOT use this method when migrating websites in addition to an already existing website (or websites) on the destination server.

One of the things you can do with AppCmd is to search, manipulate, export, and import IIS and ASP.NET configuration and configure application pools. So with that, what are the steps to migrate websites to a different server?

How do you migrate an IIS 7 site to another server?Exporting & Importing App Pools and Websites configuration between multiple IIS instancesGetting Started with AppCmd.exeHow to Get Application Pool Identity Password With AppCmd

During the migration from IIS6 to IIS7.5 I am losing a war with characater encoding. There are about 50 sites being migrated, and for the most part there are little problems, but I do have a multi-lingual site that is showing some major differences between the two servers.

As I double checked all my sites on that server - IE8 is declaring everything as UTF-8, despite the ISO8859-1 meta being added. FireFox is reading the META and adjusting accordingly, but YES the BOM is appearing on all those sites, so even Firefox is being told it is UTF-8.

I went into IIS7 config, and looked at ASP.NET Globalization. Sure enought - it was all set to UTF-8. I changed it all to ISO-8859-1, restarted IIS7, no luck. I did this on both the site level, and the global/server level without success.

When I moved the sites from the IIS6 server to the IIS7 server, the database info had changed. Rather than open the scripts on the server to edit them, I used a Control Panel File Manager to open them, make a couple changes and re-save them. That File Manager was re-saving them as UTF-8 and entering the Byte Order Mark (BOM)!


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