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Golden Card Download J Amp;k

Credit Limit: Above Rs 75000 upto Rs 8 lacs Cash Limit: 20% of credit limit subject to a maximum of 1.6 lacs. Welcome Aboard offers of Rs 4,000 across premium brands. Loyalty Points: 1 on purchase of Rs 200.Global Concierge Services under which the cardholder can get MasterCard Global Emergency Services for any card-related needs, including emergency cash advances within 2 hours and card replacements within 24 hours in the U.S. and 48 hours worldwide.

golden card download j amp;k

Credit Limit: Above Rs 8 lacs upto Rs. 25 lacs Cash Limit: 20% of credit limit subject to a maximum of 5 lacs. Welcome Aboard offers of Rs 10,000 across premium brands. 2 Free Airport Lounge Access per year at select Domestic & International Airport Terminals in India. Access to Airport lounges at foreign locations. MasterCard world card Golf Program across select Golf Courses in India, including both Golf games and Golf lessons. Premium Global Concierge Services under which the cardholder can get Mastercard Global Emergency Services for any card-related needs, including emergency cash advances within 2 hours and card replacements within 24 hours in the U.S. and 48 hours worldwide.Loyalty Points: 1 on purchase of Rs 200.

Terms and Conditions for Merchant EMI on credit cards A Cardholder may opt to convert a purchase at select Merchant outlets/website into Equated Monthly Installments (EMIs.) The Purchase(s) would be converted into Equated Monthly Installments (EMI) with interest charged on the monthly reducing balance. In the event the Credit Card is closed prior to all installments being charged, the amount outstanding against Merchant EMI plan shall be debited as a consolidated amount to the Credit Card account of the Cardholder. Jammu & Kashmir Bank shall be entitled to demand immediate repayment of such consolidated outstanding amounts. The EMI shall be computed on a monthly reducing balance. Interest rates as communicated at the time of availing the product(s) shall be applicable. Partial or full refunds initiated by the merchant towards the original transaction subsequent to the Merchant EMI booking leads to pre-closure of the Merchant EMI facility. Once the Merchant EMI is pre-closed, for any reason, all outstanding including but not limited to the principal outstanding and the interest for the actual number of days till closure i.e., from the last billing date till the date of closure, shall be debited to the Credit Card account. However in this case no pre-closure charges shall be applied. Cash back (if applicable and communicated to customer at the time of the transaction) for an EMI transaction is offered solely by the merchant/brand and shall be credited to the cardholder only on receipt of the funds from the merchant/brand. This process may take up to 90 business days.

You are the only person allowed to use this card. Please confirm the name is correctly embossed on it and in case of any inconsistency please notify us via JK Bank 24-hour customer Helpline 1800 890 2122.

Your card is valid for use both In India as well as outside India, depending on the option exercised by you. It is however, not valid for making foreign currency transactions in Nepal and Bhutan (i.e. transactions in currencies other than local currency of Nepal/Bhutan or Indian Rupees).

Contains information required for using this card for payments. Please note only you are authorized to use this card. I) As per RBI directions and as an additional security, system generated OTP shall be sent to you by SMS on your registered mobile number and e-mail id for using your credit card through internet. j) The bank will not be liable for any deficiency in service or to perform any obligation thereunder where any failure is attributable directly or indirectly to any malfunction of the ATM or it is related to any technical system, network or the card, temporary insufficiency of the funds, any dispute or any circumstances beyond its control.

Using JK Bank Credit Card at ME is very simple. After you conclude your purchase transaction with an M.E that accepts MasterCard, please present the card to pay your bill. After processing the card transaction, the M.E will request you to sign a printed charge slip containing your card details, bill amount, transaction date and space for your signatures. Please verify the contents of the slips and then sign on it in the given space exactly the way you have on the reverse of your card. It is recommended that you retain a copy of the bill and charge slip handed over to you by the ME to cross check with your monthly billing statement. Please ensure that the Card is dipped in POS terminal in your presence and under no circumstances you should lose sight of the Card. Sign only one charge slips per transaction. In case, there is an error on the charge slip, please do not sign it and ensure that the merchant destroys that charge slip in your presence. Please ensure that you have received back your own JK Bank Credit Card before you leave the ME. In case the card holder/customer disputes any transaction on ATM/POs terminal, the bank shall file charge back, retreat the amount and restore to his/her account. However, on re-presentment from the concerned bank, the funds so retrieved shall be adjusted by debit to card holder's/customer's account without any notice to him/ her.

You will receive an e-bill statement every month reflecting the transactions on your JK Bank Credit Card A/c. Your billing statement is a complete record of your account activity during the past month. The essential details as they appear in your statement are explained below. The statement has two parts separated by a perforation. The upper smaller portion is the payment coupon, which you must enclose with your payments. a) The payment coupon consists of following details: Card Account Number: Your Credit Card Account number is mentioned in this space. Please make mention of this in your correspondence and on your cheque/ draft while paying your bills. Clearing Cheques will not be accepted. Total Payment Due: This is the total accumulated unpaid amount outstanding in your account as on the date of statement. Minimum Payment Due: It is the minimum payment due, which is calculated at 5% of the total payment due as on the date of statement. The minimum payment due for any of the previous statements not received by the Bank will also be included as a part of this amount. Further, in case where the total payment exceeds the credit limit, the excess amount is also included as a part to the minimum payment due. Statement Date: This indicates the date on which your monthly billing statement is generated. The billing statement is generated on the 20th of every month and will be available in your mobile application user, Ebanking user and will also be e-mailed on your registered e-mail id given in the application form. In case the statement isn't received within 7 days from this date, please call us on our 24-hour Customer Care Centre and the information about your amount payable and total out -standings will be made available to you. Payment Due Date: Indicates a date on or before which the payment shall reach the Bank to avoid any applicable finance charges/ penalties. Total Payment Enclosed: Please fill up the amount you desire to pay towards your Card out-standings. Payment Details: While making payment, please indicate the details of your payment: Date, cheque No. Bank & Business Unit on which it is drawn and amount. Your Cheque/ Draft should be payable to: JKBCC A/C No. (Mention your 16-digit Credit Card Number). b) The lower portion mainly lists out the transactions on your JK Bank Credit Card. It also details your Name, Credit Card No., Credit limit, available credit limit, statement date, payment due date and page number. It also contains details pertaining to opening balance, payments, charges, credits and transaction details. Credit Limit: Your total purchase and cash advance balance should not exceed this amount (sanctioned by the Bank). Available Credit Limit: This is the difference between your Credit Limit and the Total Amount Due. Date: This refers to the actual date of purchase on your card. Merchant City and Details: All purchases, cash advances and payments are itemized along with a brief description identifying the merchant establishment at which the particular transaction has been under taken. Amount: This lists the corresponding transaction amount against each purchase or cash advance or any other charge. Making payments: When to make payments? With the Revolving credit facility' you can pay only the Minimum Amount Due each month. Your payment must reach us before the payment Due Date. A service charge will be applicable to the out standings carried forward, to the full amount due if part payment is made and to the fresh billings. Minimum Amount Due that is repaid after the payment due date will attract a late payment charge. Therefore, we urge you to send your payments at least equal to your Minimum amount due by the payment due date every month so as to avoid the late payment charges. You can also choose to pay back before your statement reaches you, based on the card usage during the month. You can even clear your dues by e-banking and mobile bank facility provided to you. The payments received up to 6.00 pm shall be recognized on the same day and any payment received after 6.00 pm shall be recognized the next day.

How to make payments? To make payment towards your JK Bank Credit Card a/c you need to confirm the total payment due and minimum payment due and make a choice as to the amount you would like to pay. Draw a cheque/draft payable to JKBCC A/C (mention your 16-digit credit card A/c number), enclose the same to the payment coupon provided and hand over the cheque (or you may also deposit cash) at your nearest J&K Bank Business Unit. Please ensure that your cheque is drawn on a local bank. Please ensure


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