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The Teachings Of Zoroaster, And The Philosophy ...

Zoroastrians believe that Zoroaster is the prophet of God. Zoroaster himself is not worshipped, but through his teachings man can become close to God by following the path of truth and righteousness (asha).

The teachings of Zoroaster, and the philosophy ...

7. Sketch of the life of Laotse, which was in perfect accord with his teachings: He did not act except to help others; as legend reports, he wrote a book only to fulfill the wish of a simple-minded agent of customs whom he gave the book, since he always gave everything away. Like Buddha, Laotse led a perfectly contemplative life, and his answer to the ultimate question he derives from pure contemplation.

The man who discovered decision as a possible absolute, as an essential capability of man, was Zarathustra. He established it by his life and his deeds. We know so little about him that we do not even know when he lived, in 1300, 900, 700 or 500 B.C. His thoughts and teachings, as we find them in the Zend Avesta texts, are entirely submerged by the interpretation and additions of the Parsi religion, which was built upon them. (Reference: S.A. Kapadia, The Teachings of Zoroaster and the Philosophy of the Parsi Religion. London, John Murray, l905). But decisions need few words and the discovery of decision needed even less. Two sayings of Zarathustra are enough: "I praise the well-thought sentiment, the well-spoken speech, the well-performed action." - "Speak the truth and learn how to handle bow and arrow well." (Assignment: Think about the meaning of these two sayings and work out a tentative interpretation.)

Aleister Crowley - One of the most famous and recognizable figures in modern witchcraft, Crowley was a 20th century academic, philosopher, and occultist. He is credited with creating the religion of Thelma after a trip to Egypt. Crowley claimed that he received a divine book and teachings, and believed he was tasked with ushering society into the Eon of Horus. Crowley placed a large amount of emphasis on magic rituals and was known for testing the boundaries of what society considered taboo.

Zoroaster - Also known as Zarathustra, Zoroaster was an Iranian prophet credited with creating Zoroastrianism. This philosophy heavily relied on occult rituals and worship through conjuring the divine spirit. He also created the Order of the Magi which was an organization of affiliated wizards and high magicians who would study and practice together. 041b061a72


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