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Carpet Hair Red Style

When you have a sharp jawline like Victoria Silvstedt, adorn a mild bouffant ponytail and draw all attention to your face. Reinvent this simple hairstyle to glam up for any event. Make sure to tease your hair a bit and use texturizing sprays and volumizing mousses to double the thickness of your ponytail.

carpet hair red style

Show off the enviable length of your hair proudly with this simple yet beautiful Red Carpet hairstyle. Give the ends of your locks a smooth rounded shape and create a half ponytail at your crown by securing a certain portion of it with elastic band.

Your long layered hair with subtle highlights can be parted to one side, curled up with a big barrel curling iron and finally, swept over the other shoulder. You have just achieved the perfect celebrity look!

Smoothen up your long centre-parted hair and create large waves on it. Set them on one of your shoulders and spritz hairspray generously to set the style. One of the most gorgeous looks you can ever get.

This stylish Taylor Swift look is more than easy to recreate. Deep side-part your long slightly wavy hair, sweep it to the other side and turn it into a little loose low pony. Now, wrap up the elastic band with two sections of hair and you are done.

Now, this is what we call a perfect red carpet hairstyle. Tease up your long waves to get oodles of volume and roll them back gently. Then, curl up the ends and let them cascade your shoulders. Here, Beyonce has totally nailed the look!

This is one of the best red carpet hairstyles for long hair. Super long hair and fishtail braid can go hand in hand, if done the right way. Just check out this image for a better idea. Sharp graduated side bangs and a messy flair have complemented the precise braid perfectly.

The list of red carpet hairstyles remains incomplete without the mention of buns. This super smooth, super high and super glossy bun with a neat braided wrap can help you stand out from the crowd in an effortless manner.

Be it every day fashion or Red Carpet style, the appeal of a regular braid is same everywhere. Make a high ponytail at your crown and braid it up loosely. You can spice up the look just by pulling the braid a little wider and keeping it messy.

You have French braided your hair quite a number of times. Now, try your hand at this upside down version of the wonderful hairstyle. A volumized top and a few loose strands swinging over the face carelessly will brighten up your look even more.

Add volume to your top and roll it back gently. The lower section of your hair should remain straight yet blunt. Now, braid up both sides and secure them at the back. You are ready to rock with your smart celeb-like hairstyle.

Here is another ponytail hairstyle for you right from the Red Carpet. Add texture to your long layered hair, turn it into a low side ponytail by keeping the base loose enough and wave up the thick side bang to make it swing over your eye.

A deep side part, medium-length wavy hair with random curls at ends and a dramatic long side-sweep, what else do you need for a gorgeous ultra-feminine look? However, apply a good serum if you want extra shiny tresses.

Lustrous curls are extremely loved and often sported on the Red Carpet by our super hot celebs. You can try out these tight textured curls on your layered medium-length hair and enhance the look by adding wide side sweeps to it.

Shoulder-length Chinese bob hair is in vogue these days. Take a look at this sleek and straight bob with long front fringes and you will understand why we loved this style. Do not forget to apply serum for added shine.

A side braid can always amp up the beauty of a small bun. Here, you need to pull all your hair back at the nape of your neck and create a small twisted bun with free ends. Then, create a side braid along your hairline and secure it into the bun.

A typical French twist hairdo goes absolutely perfect with the sophistication and glamour of the Red Carpet. Here, the classic hairstyle is made even more graceful by adding a long impressive side-swept bang.

If you have short bob hair with pixie cut, this is the hairstyle for you. Add texture to those short precise layers by applying mousse and give them considerable volume in order to make the wispy ends more noticeable.

When it comes to showing off the stunning highlights on straight smooth hair, a ponytail can be the best choice. Smoothen up your hair by using serum and make a tight ponytail a little up the nape of your neck. Finally, wrap it with a thin section of hair.

This simple yet adorable Red Carpet hairstyle will make you fall in love with it. Add incredible volume to your layered wavy hair starting right from your crown and curl up their ends in outward direction. Now, take a thin section of hair and secure it from ear to ear as a headband.

Puff up your crown and pull all your hair back at the nape of the neck into a low ponytail. Now, twist the pony to come up with a nice bun, and wrap it with a section of hair. Finally, add a long wide side sweep to it.

Divide your long wavy hair into three distinct sections. Twist up and texturize the upper section and secure it on the top with bobby pins to create a nice shape. Pull both sides tightly and pin them at the back together. Now, let rest of the waves flow down your back elegantly.

Create a centre part up to your crown and pull all your hair back at the nape of your neck to make a low firm twisted bun. Those subtle highlights and that wax-applied sleek-n-shiny finish will give you even a better look.

This tucked in hairdo is another classy example of Red Carpet hairstyles. Sweep your wavy hair to one side by creating a side part and add texture to it. Now, start rolling it up in the inward direction and tuck in with bobby pins at the nape of the neck.

Give your top hair extra volume, shine and texture by applying mousse. Now, roll and pin it back at the crown and create a nice side plait with rest of the hair. The ends of the braid should have curly wispy points.

Subtle waves and eye-catching highlights are the USPs of this amazing hairstyle. Braid up the waves separately at two sides, turn them into a single ponytail by twisting together at the back and finally, wrap the pony with a thin section of hair.

This outstanding hairstyle may look quite similar to the famous waterfall hairdo, but it is actually easier than that. Turn your natural blonde hair into thick textured rippling waves and curl their ends slightly. Now, braid up one side, pin it at the back and embellish with a pretty accessory.

This modified version of the classic French twist hairstyle will blow your mind for sure. Add significant volume to the top, roll the hair to one side, and curl it up by taking one small section at a time. At last, set the entire style with hairspray.

When it comes to sporting a smart and attractive look, most of our celebrities prefer hair-wrapped wavy ponytails. Here, a volumized as well as textured crown and a black headband have added zing to the otherwise simple ponytail.

Straight layers are also quite preferred by our international celebs for their Red Carpet looks. Just get your straight layered hair feathered in an inward direction, middle-part it and let it rest on both of your shoulders.

Lastly, here is a pigtail hairstyle from the Red Carpet that will take you back to your school days. Create two low ponytails at two sides of your head and jazzed them up with wavy front fringes and wispy ends.

Taylor Swift first walked a red carpet in 2006 when she was just 16 years old. Just take a second to absorb that info. Now at 29 (she's turning the big 3-0 on Dec. 13), she's had quite the style transformation over the years. (She's also weathered public romances, celebrity feuds, that "I'mma let you finish" moment, and countless other controversies and life events.) From her country days wearing cowboy boots with minis to her sparkly pop queen looks, there's a LOT of fashion to unpack. Here are a whopping 150 photos to take you through (almost) all the outfits she's worn through the last decade.

Lizzo wowed in a bright orange Dolce & Gabbana opera coat adorned with flowers and a huge hood as the wild and wacky Grammys red carpet did not disappoint Sunday. Tattered streetwear, T-shirts and denim mixed with blinged-out couture, wild patterns and plenty of skin.

Taylor Swift, channeling her Midnights era, wore a long two-piece sparkly skirt with a high-neck, long-sleeve crop top, all by Roberto Cavalli. They were, yes, midnight blue. She added statement diamond earrings by Lorraine Schwartz, her hair in an updo.

Fashion lover Harry Styles walked the carpet in a rainbow harlequin pattern jumpsuit adorned with Swarovski crystals. He was shirtless underneath. His low-cut, multicolored Egonlab look drew cheers. Egonlab is a young brand out of Paris.

Machine Gun Kelly, who often pushes into edgy fashion, was in a silver double-breasted laminated foil suit with a Swarovski crystal harness. It was custom Dolce & Gabbana. He was accompanied by Megan Fox in creamy Zuhair Murad. Her gown had a corset bodice and heart embroidered applique.

The marathon carpet kicked off with some notable looks. Doja Cat, always pushing her fashion envelope, showed up in a vinyl, one-shoulder and skintight black gown with long matching gloves from Atelier Versace. Bebe Rexha sizzled in hot pink with twists from head to toe and a va-va-voom halter bodice, proving that Barbiecore is going strong. The look was Moschino by Jeremy Scott.

Prabal Gurung whipped up a custom sunny yellow chiffon look for Kelsea Ballerini with light-as-air back pieces she unfurled on the carpet. Amanda Gorman was in a top color of the night: black. Gorman, wearing Prada, twirled her long, sheer overlay worn over a mini-dress on the red carpet.


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