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Axel Bennett
Axel Bennett

The Complete Chess Workout: Train Your Brain Wi...

Dr. Bendlin is a Professor in the Department of Medicine, Division of Geriatrics. She received her PhD at the University of Arizona in Tucson, and completed postdoctoral training at the University of Wisconsin. She subsequently joined the faculty at UW-Madison in 2010. Dr. Bendlin's research is focused on understanding brain and cognitive changes in normal and pathologic aging. Her federally funded studies use novel brain imaging techniques combined with fluid biomarkers to detect early brain changes in Alzheimer's disease, and to understand mechanisms of disease related neural injury, as well as determine the effect of factors that may increase or decrease risk of dementia. Email:

The Complete Chess Workout: Train your brain wi...

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More recent research has focused on chess as mental training; the respective roles of knowledge and look-ahead search; brain imaging studies of chess masters and novices; blindfold chess; the role of personality and intelligence in chess skill; gender differences; and computational models of chess expertise. The role of practice and talent in the development of chess and other domains of expertise has led to much empirical investigation. Ericsson and colleagues have argued that deliberate practice is sufficient for reaching high levels of expertise in chess.[153] Recent research, however, fails to replicate their results and indicates that factors other than practice are also important.[154][155]For example, Fernand Gobet and colleagues have shown that stronger players started playing chess at a young age and that experts born in the Northern Hemisphere are more likely to have been born in late winter and early spring. Compared to the general population, chess players are more likely to be non-right-handed, though they found no correlation between handedness and skill.[155] 041b061a72


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