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Far Cry 4 Zombie Mod

Here's the Details of your missions (*SPOILER'S ALERT*):(N) Mission 1: *SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST* You have landed by an abandoned train track, look for shelter nearby (you will find weapons), it's dark, and Darkness is the Dead's Advantage. Your Weapons we're Lost during your Parachute Jump, and are now scattered around the city. You may want to find them as this mission has only just begun. You are to make your way to the Headquarters of which survivors are taking refuge. They may be armed, so be cautious on entry. They shoot anyone who approaches, whether zombie or Human. You NEED to make it inside, to speak to their Leader.(D) Mission 2: *THE FACTION* Their Leader (or Zain as they call him) has asked you to work with him to reclaim some outposts scattered around the City, it is bright outside, but there's quite a few Outposts in need of reclaiming. This will drive all Zombies out onto the street. But it is also your chance to make ally with Zain and his men, whilst keeping on track with your mission.(N) Mission 3: *BURNING BUILDING MISSION* One of the Outposts from the previous mission have been reclaimed by the Death Seekers, you must now work through the building, securing it by taking down each and every Zombie and creature which dwells within, The Building has caught fire, this outpost may be lost, but you need to make sure each Zombie pays the price. Make it to the roof of the building, where Zain will be awaiting your assistance.(D) Mission 4: *A LIFE WORTH SAVING* One of the Faction members (Anita) has encountered a zombie but has been bitten, you MUST collect the plants required before time runs out, Once all these plants are collected, make your way back to the Headquarters. This mission may seem easy, but the daytime can sometimes be just as deadly as the Night.(N) Mission 5 *NIGHT WATCH* Zain has asked you to watch the perimiter of the Headquarters for the night while he searches the remains of a Helicopter crash site found nearby. This night watch however, may not end up as expected, I told you these Zombies were smart, you just failed to realise how smart they actually were.(D) Mission 6 *THE CRASHSITE* Zain's mission to get to the crashsite had failed, he was caught out by some enemy faction members, you must go to the crashsite and find out where these enemies are Located. Kill them all, and save Zain. He will tell you about the Leader (known as Bruce) of the other faction.(N) Mission 7 *BIGGEST REGRETS* You stayed out too late, Zombies are pouring the city, you must make it back to the HQ, however, you are badly injured, you are unable to Jump or climb, so stealth is the best bet to staying alive, make your way back to the HQ unseen by any Zombie.(D) Mission 8 *WHEN FACTIONS COLLIDE* You wake up after having a horrible night, however, you are able to move about again, much easier. The only problem, you are being thrown straight back into the deep end, Zain has told you to go help His men fight against the opposing Faction, then approach their HQ with everything you've got, kill everyone in their HQ and barge into Bruce's Office.(N) Mission 9 *POWER IS EVERYTHING* After entering Bruce's Office, you have no memory of what happened, you are now awake in their Basement, locked in a cage, with nobody in sight, you must break out of this cage, make your way back through the HQ, with no weapons, and Confront Bruce once more.(D) Mission 10 *EXTRACTION* You receive a radio call from Government Official Sam, he has told you that there's a Helicopter waiting for Zain and his Faction on top of a building, Make your way to the top of that building, You need to clear a safe path for the remaining members. Beware though, the outcome will not be one which is expected.(N) Mission 11 *DEAR GOD* You are now searching for the remains of your faction which were shot down from the sky, you approach an old church, it's completely sealed off from the outside, you must find a way inside and don't worry, No zombies can get you here, ONLY People... with guns.(D) Mission 12 *DESOLATION* You find Zain still alive, but badly injured, he cannot move. It's time to make your last assault, entering every building known to possess zombie activity. Make safe the city, you have 1 hour. This is a matter of life, and death. Kill them all.(N) Mission 13 *BRINGING DOWN A FACTION* The Zombies are taken care of, now time to get rid of the rest of the trash, Bruce may be Dead, but his men are not, it's time you showed them what one man is capable of.(D) Mission 14 *PEACE AT LAST* All is taken care of, explore the city, you have 30 minutes to check everything out, an extraction is on it's way.Note: Most of the missions shown above, WILL come with custom made cutscene videos to watch after each mission to draw you in to the story some more.

Far Cry 4 Zombie Mod

The video of the first seven minutes of gameplay is the most impressive, showing the player trying to stealthily make his way out of a zombie infested town. Far Cry 3 was really great at letting you explore huge environments, jumping in and out of vehicles, and letting you seamlessly shift in and out of stealthy and guns blazing strategies. These are all things that seem like they could be used really well in an open-world zombie game.

That kind of sci-fi trope is very much present in Dead Island except you can replace the mutants with zombies. The bulk of the combat is done in melee but that doesn't slow down the action one bit especially when you're cleaving down zombies in bikinis and board shorts with your outlandish amalgam of everyday tools turned into weapons.

Looking at gameplay videos, you might easily mistake Dying Light for Far Cry with zombies. The movement scheme (especially the parkour) is similar and the story and dialogue are equally cheesy and campy.

Dying Light does set itself apart by being more focused on melee combat though (during the first half of the game). Stealth is also an option especially at night unless you want to become a chew toy for zombies on steroids. Certain DLCs will also let you unlock vehicles if you feel those are missing.

Dead Living Zombies follows Guy Marvel (Giles Panton), an auteur film director who has a reputation for being impossible to work with. The style and tone of Dead Living Zombies are very different to the main story campaign and other downloadable content episodes, relying on parody, meta-humour and irreverence over plot. It recounts Marvel's career and how he wound up in Montana during the Eden's Gate incident. The early days of Marvel's career see him accosting established directors with unsolicited pitches for zombie films. While the directors try to see the merits of his projects, it quickly becomes apparent that they are gratuitously violent with little plot or character development and the directors lose interest. Marvel tries to adapt his pitches based on the feedback he receives, but is told that his films should "say something about society". He becomes frustrated when a director tries to seize creative control over pitch for a global warming-themed zombie film. Realizing that he has been approaching the wrong kind of director, he finds some success when a studio picks up his idea for a summer blockbuster called The Fast and the Fiendish (based on The Fast and the Furious franchise) and he receives his first screenwriting credit. His final pitch is for Laboratory of the Dead, which is positively received by a director who loves everything the others hated about Marvel's films. Marvel admits that he has no experience directing films and is offered a job directing Blood Dragon 3 in Hope County.

If you dug Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon, than you're in for something special. Far Cry 5's post-launch story content pits players against a horde of zombies, sends them back in the past to Vietnam, and even to the planet Mars to save Earth! There really are no limits to how crazy Far Cry can get.

Some tips for killing 5000 zombies:In the 1st level, drive the tractor to the very end of the level(a barn), and the barn has a backdoor, which is quite small door only let 1 or 2 zombies come out. Stay in the tractor and just near the backdoor, when zombie respawn, they will see you and run directly to the chainsaw of the tractor. And you can just relax and have fun while doing this trophy


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