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[S3E5] We Called It Mr. Pinky

While Ruegger initially based the Brain after Minton, the Welles connection came from Maurice LaMarche, a big fan of the actor/director, who had supplied the voice for Orson Welles in the 1994 movie Ed Wood. LaMarche stated that on coming in to audition for the character of the Brain, he saw the resemblance to Welles and went with that for the voice, and he was given the role on the spot.[27] LaMarche describes Brain's voice as "65% Orson Welles, 35% Vincent Price".[28]Brain's similarity to Orson Welles was made explicit in the Animaniacs episode "Yes, Always", which was based upon an outtake from one of Welles' television commercials, colloquially known as Frozen Peas, in which he ranted about the poor quality of the script. This cartoon was described by writer Peter Hastings as "a $250,000 inside joke": LaMarche used excerpts from it as sound check material before recording episodes, and Hastings took it to its logical conclusion.[29] The writers developed the script in secret playing off these test lines and the Frozen Peas outtakes, and arranged to have recording on the same day as Sam Kinison's funeral, whom LaMarche was a close friend of. Prior to LaMarche's arrival, the other voice actors, including Paulsen, recognized the humor of the script after they started reading it. According to Paulsen, when LaMarche arrived, he had originally kept his professionalism after the funeral, but broke down in happiness as he recognized the script for what it was.[30] The series also alluded to Welles with an episode in which Brain took on the mind-clouding powers of a radio character called "The Fog": a parody of The Shadow, a popular radio character for which Welles once provided the voice.[31] Other Welles allusions included the episode "The Third Mouse", a parody of The Third Man in which the Brain played the part of Welles' character Harry Lime (with Pinky as Holly Martins),[32] and "Battle for the Planet", in which Brain, inspired by Welles' infamous War of the Worlds radio broadcast and the hysteria that it provoked, stages an alien invasion on television. A caricature of Orson Welles appears in a late episode of the series ("What Ever Happened to Baby Brain"), echoing a rant of the Brain's and introducing himself afterwards.[33]

[S3E5] We Called It Mr. Pinky

Three songs resemble the musical segments in Animaniacs, matching existing music with new lyrics. Pinky sings "Cheese Roll Call" to John Philip Sousa's march "Semper Fidelis" praising his love for all cheeses from around the world.[40] To the music of "Camptown Races", Brain lists the major parts of the human brain, with Pinky jumping in at the chorus to shout "Brainstem! Brainstem!".[41] "A Meticulous Analysis of History" is set to "When I Was a Lad" from Gilbert and Sullivan's H.M.S. Pinafore, and sung by both Brain and Pinky, with Brain reciting the rise to power of such historical leaders as Napoleon and Cleopatra, while Pinky mentions how they all fell.[42] In addition, "Brainwashed" featured a song called the Schmëerskåhøvên, a parody of the Macarena, which would brainwash people if it was done correctly. The song includes such odd lyrics as "Put your fingers in your ears, then stick them in your belly" and "Bop yourself on the head and cross your eyes."

Pinky's response ends with a non sequitur such as, "we're already naked", "isn't a cucumber that small called a gherkin?" or "if they called them Sad Meals, kids wouldn't buy them." Brain would then become furious, often bashing Pinky on the head. A few times in the series Pinky and Brain indeed pondered the same thing, though in one of these Pinky dismissed his idea as being too stupid. Just one time the answer was "Yes I am!", when Pinky's intelligence is elevated to match Brain's. In another episode, it turns out that what Pinky was pondering was that he and Brain never ponder the same thing, which turned out to be part of what Brain was pondering as well. In a short episode ("Pinky's P.O.V.") the spectator sees everything Pinky sees (including his imaginations) and hears his thoughts. His brain seems to censor a large portion of Brain's dialogue, leaving Pinky to wander into random internal tangents until Brain asks the question. Pinky then responds with whatever was on his mind at the end of the tangent.

There are two video games based on Pinky and the Brain. The first, a PC game called Pinky and the Brain: World Conquest, was produced by SouthPeak Games and distributed by Warner Bros. The second was Pinky and the Brain: The Master Plan for the Game Boy Advance. The game was produced by Warthog and distributed by SWING! Entertainment in 2002. A third game, titled simply Pinky and the Brain, was announced for the Sega Saturn in 1996 and was planned to be published by Konami,[62] but was later cancelled. The characters have also appeared in several of the Animaniacs video games, such as Animaniacs: The Great Edgar Hunt.

In Angela, at VIM, Princess Carolyn questions Judah on whether he is in a band. She tells him she saw the flier and heard others around the office say they were going to his gig. Judah says he thought about inviting Princess Carolyn but didn't want her to feel obligated. Princess Carolyn then receives a phone call from Lenny Turteltaub. Lenny tells her he wants her to run Turtletaub's new female-focused studio division called Girtletaub, indicating that the studio is in trouble due to two decades worth of executive sexual harassment.

Mr. Carrot Cake and Mrs. Cup Cake (née Chiffon Swirl) are two Earth ponies who are the owners of Sugarcube Corner and Pinkie Pie's employers and landlords, as they rent the loft above the shop to her.[5] In the season two episode Baby Cakes, they become parents to twin foals Pound Cake and Pumpkin Cake. Mrs. Cake is called Mrs. Dazzle Cake and Mrs. Pink in some different merchandise.

Miniature collectibles of Mrs. Dazzle Cake and Mr. Carrot Cake are included with Nurse Redheart, Pinkie Pie, Pound Cake and Pumpkin Cake in a deluxe miniature collection called "Cake Family Babysitting Fun". Mr. Carrot Cake is also included in the ninth wave of mystery packs,[8] with a collector card which states he "loves baking for his friends and family!"[9] Mrs. Dazzle Cake's miniature was leaked on March 2013,[10] and it has been shown in Discovery Channel Magazine.[11] Mr. Carrot Cake[12] and Nurse Redheart's miniatures were also leaked, on May 2013.

Prior to the Freeze, Wilford envisioned a luxury liner train that would circle the globe. Wilford Industries built the train first using a test Engine called Big Alice. Together with one of his employees and protege, engineer Melanie Cavill, they built an Engine that used Perpetual Motion Technology (which he took credit for).

Sometime afterward when scientists planned to cool the Earth down, Wilford foresaw the Earth would instead be frozen. With Melanie, he repurposed his train into an Ark called Snowpiercer (again taking credit for). All he did, was sell tickets to finance the refit, many to the rich responsible for destroying the Earth.

Despite his hatred for Melanie, Wilford is shown to retain a certain degree of respect for her and her abilities, wanting to get her off of the train as he sees her as a threat to his power. At one point, Alex tells her mother that Wilford had always called Melanie the best driver he'd ever seen, showing that he does still respect her somewhat despite his anger.

Alex is the only character to refer to him by any nickname, calling him "Dubs" (standing for the "W" in "Wilford"). Alex's inner monologue at one point suggests that he actually wanted to be called "Daddy Dubs" by her. This shows us a glimpse into the very complex mind of Joseph Wilford, one that is not necessarily pure evil. However, Melanie points out to Alex that he is also manipulating and pressuring her, wanting Alex to have the deaths of everyone on Snowpiercer on her conscience at one point.

Logan is the son of James Delos and brother of Juliet Delos, the fiancé and later wife of William. A senior VP at Delos, Logan is tasked with gauging investment into VR, AI, and other areas that his father has little knowledge or interest in. And it is Logan that the Argos Initiative approaches when Robert Ford & Arnold Weber seek extra investment to kickstart their park. Not only convincing Logan to invest Delos funds, but turning him into an enthusiastic and repeat park visitor, quickly experiencing much of the park has to offer. In the 'real world', his family's business is called Delos.

With the marriage called off, Esme planned to move away to pursue a dancing and acting career, however Alfred, realizing his loss, rented an apartment for the two using money acquired from his business deal with Martha Kane and the No Name League. The two eventually fixed their differences and Esme accepted Alfred's hand in marriage once again.

Keeping the policy of "No politics, no fire-arms. Everyone rubs together and enjoys them selfs." Alfred kept his establishment running in the war. Throwing out the man whom was known at the club and may have started the political argument. Saw the soldier had not checked hid side arm. Alfred called Sheri over to check the gun at the door.

The PWE made people nervous, Alfred saw business opportunity. Being called in, a man was on the street, with a mechanized cybernetic arm, clamped onto a young lady. It was around her neck, he explains, it is not him. It does what it wants, since waking up in a hospital. Which Alfred curses scientist. Alfred explains, the government pays him 500 quid for every one of his sort, but not close to as much if the person is dead. Taking something metal, Alfred walks over to the cybernetic, gives it a few knocks. It lefts the young lady go, to try and grab Alfred. Alfred incapacitated the man named Jez, with a kick.

Lucius Fox and Martha Kane are called in to assess the situation and Fox promises to get Jez the help he needs. Alfred, Dave boy and Bet walk closer, Martha congratulates Mr. Pennyworth on his 3rd catch this month. Bet quickly answer, not to think of dropping the price. Martha answers, when the price was set, nobody imagined this many PWEs would emerge. 041b061a72


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