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Stainless Steel 6.4 Submods

No stone is left unturned with Radious. Over 70 new units are seamlessly incorporated into the game. The economy is reworked to facilitate the fielding of larger armies, while the battles themselves have been rebalanced for a greater challenge. There's also a nice collection of submods available for even greater variety.

Stainless Steel 6.4 Submods

Download Zip:

ADDITIONAL STUFF-Newts' "Disable RR AoR on" submod option-Lazy's "Weaker Heretics" submod option-Custom 2TPY submod option that adds back devastation-Horse Breeder Guild for Cities submod option-UI units icons and info images fixes by Meneth? (from fixes included in meneth's SMC).-Disamounted Turhagut and Dismounted Turhagut? Dupe unit Removed there is 1 free slot for a new unit now.-New Seljuks Turks stratmap settlements flag consistent with the rest included in the mod.-Palanga name changed to Twangste, the real historical name of the pagan fortress located in that place before being destroyed by the Teutonic Order and rebuilt as Konigsberg, real Palanga is several Km to the NE of that location. Added the code that does the renaming of the settlement once is captured by the Teuntons.1.2-Early Era starting families revised for historical accuracy without altering gameplay-Starting family members and generals revised for historical accuracy without hindering gameplay.-Iraklion renamed to Chandax in Early Era and Candia in Late Era (Iraklion was a name that came in use by XIX c.).-Canakkale renamed to Dardanellia (Canakkale is the Turkish name).-Iconium renamed to Konya in Late Era (Turkish version of Iconium which had been under Turkish rule for a long time by 1220).-Iconium Region renamed to Lycaonia.-Isparta renamed to Baris in Early Era (Isparta was the name Turks gave to it in reference to its ancestral name of Sparta).-Isparta Region renamed to Pisidia.1.23-Improved 'Is of Ayyubid Blood' description, adding a brief Saladin's legacy comment-Renamed Henry IV to Heinrich IV in HRE 'Is of Imperial Blood' description, late era displays Friedrich Barbarossa instead1.25-Iconium renamed to Iconion in Early Era.-Kutaisi Region renamed to Lazica.-Trebizond Region renamed to Pontus.-Castle Academic for all factions submod option.-Late Era starting families revision for better historical accuracy without altering gameplay.-Campaign Customization adapted to work with the new changes, the modules can be found in ".../SS6.3/data/campaign/CS_Customization.7z".-SS_campaign_map_reset.bat, a batch file to force the game to regenerate the campaign map.1.26-SS_events_dat_idx_reset.bat, a batch file to force the game to recreate the events.idx and events.dat files after making changes to the sound txt files.-Spying Reduced Faction Leader Dread Submod, original submod by Master Zuma.v1.27- Lithuania Faction Leader Death Events were completely missing.- More varied princess come of age notification event images (Campaign Script Customization submod).- BGR2 setup txt tweaked for greater compatibility with other submods.- Fixes to some campaign script errors/oversights from my part + general improvements thanks to gsthoed.- Tweak on extras submod for better compatibility and installation order.- Included Batch file that cleans the mod folder of some bloat files, unnecessary for the mod as well as left overs from previous Bugfix Compilations not needed any more or that could cause conflicts.- Cleaning in some text files that had junk code lines- Removed some unnecessary files from the bugfix compilation package- Texture fix for cumans and kievan rus strat map general models- Further Campaign Script optimization- EDCT and EDA triggers optimizations- Timurid captains and generals texture tweak- Lithuania stratmap captains and general tweak- More Agents UI icons and info portraits tweaks- Early Era mongols spawn script tweaks, 1 of the random named generals erroneously had the factionleader trait- Aragon Men at Arms early access and inconsistency with stable upgrades fix.- Teutonic Order leather/padded texture file folder location correction (was in perkunas units folder...don't ask me why xD)- Teutonic Order "AttachmentSets" textures corrections.- Edited models for Heavy Mail Light Men at Arms (just have a beefier torso to represent extra mail thickness like Spearmen Sergeants)- Extra miscellaneous corrections in BattleModels.modeldb, fixing stuff like mismatching normal maps and etc.- Sicily Early Era Starting Forces fix, Mailed Knights replaced by Norman Cavalry (Miles).- Miscellaneous text tweaks.- Updated 2TPY submod, now reduces settlements income a 25% and halves religious conversion rates, slowing down the game pace.- Further Campaign Script improvements.- More Historical tweaks for Late era starting families.- "Disable RR AoR on" Dismounted Ghulams not available for egypt fix.


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