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Watching The Universe (Purple)

"Until now, no single simulation was able to reproduce the universe on both large and small scales simultaneously," says Mark Vogelsberger of the MIT/Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics (CfA). Vogelsberger, along with researchers in Germany, the U.K., and other institutions in the U.S., unveiled their simulation yesterday in Nature.

Watching the Universe (Purple)

When the computation finished at present day, Illustris had built more than 41,000 galaxies, along with galaxy clusters and voids, that the researchers say capture the essence of the actual universe very well. Zooming in reveals a resolution so fine that it's capable of showing the chemistries of gases swirling in individual galaxies.

The Eye of the Universe is a planetary object older than the universe itself which is in a distant orbit around the Sun. Learning about the Eye of the Universe and discovering the information and equipment necessary to reach it represents the intended goal of the game.

The inhabitants were devastated by how they destroyed their homeworld to build the Stranger to reach the Eye of the Universe. They created a simulated reality that resembled their home moon and went to sleep, their minds forever in the simulation. However, one of the inhabitants woke up and disabled the signal blocker, allowing the signal to once again broadcast throughout the universe. This individual was quickly caught by the others of its kind, who imprisoned them in a vault hidden in a submerged structure. The other inhabitants immediately reactivated the signal blocker and went back to sleep. Nonetheless, for the brief time that the Eye's signal was set free, the Nomai were eventually able to receive it.

Due to the Eye signal blocker's brief deactivation, the Nomai of Escall's Vessel received the Eye's signal that appeared to be older than the universe itself.[3][4] Their curiosity piqued, they immediately warped to the source of the signal, but instead ended up ensnared within Dark Bramble.[5] With their Vessel damaged beyond repair, the Nomai evacuated the Vessel on three Escape Pods and subsequently settled the Solar System.[6] They named the source of this mysterious signal the Eye of the Universe, as the signal looked like an eye with a circle in the center much like a pupil.[7] The Nomai became determined to find the source of the signal that had led them to the solar system.[8]

The Eye of the Universe is older than the universe itself and a highly quantum object.[28][29] At some point in time, it starts sending a signal that looks similar to an eye, which can be received by an intelligent species.[7] If any of these species interacts with the Eye, it brings about the end of the universe.

When the Protagonist reaches the Eye of the Universe, it turns out that a conscious observer can cause endless possibilities for a new universe to appear.[30] By observing them, they can collapse these possibilities into a single reality.[31] This causes a big bang and a new universe to come into existence.

On the Eye of the Universe, the Eye creates various quantum objects that the Protagonist finds familiar, including trees, a quantum version of the Observatory, and quantum versions of all the travelers. The travelers gather before assisting in the creation of a new universe beginning with a new big bang. The fate of the Eye of the Universe following this event is unknown, although it is possible that the Eye continues the cycle and will call out to other lifeforms at the next end of the universe.

And now that you know the science behind what happens to the corpse, check out the video below of the world's largest body farm, which is giving scientists the opportunity to learn even more about what death does to our bodies, thanks to a number of donated corpses. Warning: this is not easy watching, please mentally prepare yourself before clicking play!

Seeing one in a dream or in life symbolizes an upcoming encounter with someone who brings abundance and prosperity your way. Another meaning of seeing a purple butterfly in a dream is an acknowledgment that higher entities are watching over you and protecting you.

Our best theory of how the universe works may be imperfect. For the 2023 University Faculty Lecture, UW Physics Professor David W. Hertzog explored how scientists are using subatomic particles called muons to do some detective work.

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