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[S4E6] If I Had A Hammer BEST

Bobby arrives at the warehouse and Clay asks how he got on with Otto at the prison. Bobby states that Otto understands his affair with Luanne. Jax asks how Bobby is, and Bobby says he is fine and asks about the problem at hand. Tig comes out of the gun room, followed by Happy wearing rubber gloves and wielding a hammer. Tig orders Miles to go with them into the gun room. Clay, Jax, Bobby, Chibs, Opie, Juice, Phil and Ratboy remain outside. Phil professes his innocence to Clay and vouches for Ratboy, reminding Clay that they did not know what they were guarding. Ratboy blames Rafi, telling Clay that Rafi was on his own for most of the night. Clay tells them they will get to the truth as Miles begins screaming in the other room.

[S4E6] If I Had a Hammer

Inside the gun room Happy hammers on the table while Miles fakes screams of pain. Later, Happy emerges from the gun room and Jax tells Ratboy that he is next. Phil again stands up for his fellow prospect, animatedly appealing to Clay. Jax pushes Phil back. Tig is called back to the clubhouse for a family problem, Bobby leaves with him.

The War Hammer Titan can produce and manipulate structures that are made of hardened Titan flesh. These structures can be weaponized, forming pikes large enough to impale and lift a 15m Titan, flooding areas with protrusions such as spikes, and manifesting the Titan's signature war hammer. This ability can also create flexible weaponry components, such as the string of a crossbow or the whips of a cat-o'-nine-tails, making this a particularly unique brand of hardening. Much like the Female Titan, this hardening can also be used to encase the human operator of the War Hammer Titan inside a crystal casing.[1]

Eventually, it recovers and generates spikes in the ground that immobilize the Attack Titan. The War Hammer Titan regenerates its upper body, and creates an enormous war hammer for itself to use. Trapped and being shot at by anti-Titan artillery, the Attack Titan is unable to successfully block the incoming swing of the War Hammer Titan's hammer and is swiftly beheaded. The War Hammer Titan then asks for Eren's final words as she prepares to deliver a killing blow.

Freedom to modify, freedom to reuse. Just like you can buy tools at a hardware store, they don't say, "Here, sign this license agreement. You can only use this hammer to put up a painting and you can't use it to build a house. You have to buy the pro hammer for that." But yet, that's kind of where we're at with software, that we're very aware that this was a future that was going to happen if we didn't give people freedom to use the software that they wrote and other people wrote together in a communal fashion.

The battle was everything I hoped for. Eren has control of his powers to an amazing degree that he never had before. He took the first hits on the Warhammer right away and seemed to be in control until she unleashed the full strength of her powers and almost killed him. In fact, things seem lost until Mikasa appears.

And if you remember back to your civics classes from yesteryear when you were in middle school in eighth grade, and you have the two different sides of the Florida Legislature or the two different sides of legislatures in the United States. You have a House and you have a Senate, and each of those sides has their own bills that they can file. And then those bills kind of come together in a reconciliation process, and they hammer out differences. And then once the House and the Senate agree, then it goes on to the executive branch, the president obviously for the US. And for Florida it goes to the governor and the governor signs it.

The episode opens with an epic space battle. Three spaceships enter the solar system. Two white bat-like ships are pursuing and firing at a powerful shuttle piloted by a silver-skinned alien warrior. Both ships enter the atmosphere and continue their pursue through the Jump City bay. The ships begin to approach Titans Tower and catch the attention of the Titans while they are playing Old Maid. Upon realizing they are ships, the titans watch the battle from the roof and Cyborg notes how good the shuttle pilot is. Robin states that he is a great pilot when he sees how easily he shoots down one of the enemy ships. The silver warrior ejects from his shuttle and flies to the other ship. Just barely getting a grip, the Titans watch in amazement as he manages to bring it down with an earth-shattering twin hammer fist. In other words, "his bare hands". As the ship begins to lose altitude, the Titans anxiously await him to make his grand escape while he steers it away from the city and into the forest where it safely crash lands. The Titans race to the crash site hoping the warrior survived. Upon arrival, the warrior triumphantly emerges from the wreckage, claiming "It takes more than a plasmatic implosion to bring down Val-Yor", to which Starfire could not resist a snapshot.

So Dee, Dennis, and Charlie go to the Philadelphia Inquirer to meet Lyle Korman (The man who went to Paddy's). They offer him another chance at Paddy's but he refuses given how horrific his first visit had been. Then the gang threatens sue him for libel and slander. Mr. Korman rolls his eyes and tells they the office has a group of lawyers on retainer for "people like you." Before they leave his office Charlie smashes a hammer on many things in his office, and Dennis spits in his mug of Coffee.

Meanwhile, Dennis and Dee go to his apartment to erase their trail, but see they're in the wrong apartment. Mac exaggerates about his cooler abilities in the bathroom to Korman, when Charlie shows up with just a bandana. He really has to use the urinal, so Mac and Charlie both help him. Charlie and Dee return with the apartment's owner in their trunk. Korman writes his new review, but when Dennis reads it, it's revealed that he just wrote about the kidnapping. Mac and Charlie try to get the other guy and his cat out, and Mac accidentally roundhouse kicks a side-view mirror off. Everybody (but Dennis) agrees that the best way out was to bribe the other guy with the flat-screen TV. Korman says he won't tell anybody if they just let him go, and just as they're untying him, Charlie breaks a bottle over his head to "give him amnesia." The episode ends with Dee reading the new review, explaining that, while they deserve to go to jail, he won't press charges because they're already miserable. He doesn't mention names, so they go to talk to him, and request he uses their names. Charlie brings his hammer again.

Over the years they learnt everything there was to know about the equipment in the basement and have become particularly knowledgeable about the old boiler for the house, which they affectionately refer to as 'Betsy'. When Mike Cooper begins his DIY on the house he attempts to fix the boiler though ends up just bashing it with a hammer, this has one of the ghosts refer to him as a 'technophobe'. While they do attempt to instruct Mike clearly about how to repair the boiler it is ultimately pointless since he can't hear them. 041b061a72


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