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BassBox Pro 6.0.2 Download

When available, we offer free maintenance updates to users of BassBox Pro. "Maintenance updates" are minor revisions of the program and are identified by changing the last segment of the version number such as 6.0.1 to 6.0.2, etc. They are not version upgrades where the first segment of the version number changes such as 6.0.2 to 7.0.0. New versions must be purchased and discounts are available for prior customers.

BassBox Pro 6.0.2 download

Download File:

  • Version 6.0.11 changes (08-May-07) ---for Windows 7 & Vista--- (not needed for Win XP): The "sendkey" function was replaced with a different keyboard handler in order to be compatible with Windows 7 and Vista. This fixes the fatal error "Run-time error 70" message that occurs when you press the "Enter" key while running the program under Windows 7 and Vista.

  • The on-screen manual was replaced with an html version that is compatible with Windows 7 and Vista.

  • Version 6.0.10 changes (13-Nov-06): An error was corrected that prevented the program from estimating the volume displaced by an isobaric chamber between two push-pull mounted drivers in a closed, vented or passive radiator box. The program assumes that the chamber is square and the drivers, facing in opposite directions, are flush mounted.

  • Version 6.0.9 changes (15-Aug-05): An error was corrected that caused dimension "n" of a slanted-front prism box shape Parts List to be incorrectly based on the external dimensions when the "External" dimensions are selected on the Box tab of the Design Properties window. The error did not exist when "Internal" dimensions were selected (the default). Dimension "n" is now correctly based on the internal dimensions in all cases.

  • Version 6.0.9 changes (08-Jun-05): A display error was corrected that caused a wrong Fb value to be displayed for chamber 1 of a triple-chamber single-tuned bandpass enclosure when Vb was manually changed. The error was very limited and did not affect the operation or accuracy of the graphs.

  • Version 6.0.9 changes (09-Aug-04): The box "Suggest" feature was enhanced to account for more factors affecting the "net" Qts of the driver. Previously, it would account for the net Qts of multiple drivers, but it did not adjust its suggestions when external resistance was present (as in the speaker cables). It now accounts for the external resistance (Rx and Rg) when it is present and the "Include Ext. Resistance" option on the "Config" tab of the Design Properties window is turned on.

  • Version 6.0.8 changes (30-Mar-04): A rare cosmetic error was corrected that occurred only when BassBox Lite had been launched indirectly by double-clicking on a speaker design file. The error caused the program's title window to close when it was opened using the "About BassBox Lite" command of the Help menu.

  • Version 6.0.8 changes (12-Jan-04): Some minor cosmetic improvements were made to some of the controls to enable them to better support custom Windows system colors (especially dark color schemes). Note: We recommend that one of Window's standard color schemes be used since this produces the best results.

  • All reference to Bose's original bandpass patent were removed from the program and on-screen manual since the patent has expired.

  • Version 6.0.7 changes (03-Apr-03): An error was fixed that allowed small discrepancies in the "F" dimension and "G" angle of a box with a truncated pyramid shape. The error did not affect other box shapes and it only existed when the shape of the top of the truncated pyramid did not match the shape of the bottom. In such situations the box was not "pyramid" shaped (all four sides did not slope inward).

  • Version 6.0.7 changes (07-Mar-03): An error was fixed that prevented the chamber volumes from being calculated when the "Override Vb" option is selected, Vb has no prior value, and bandpass box dimensions are entered. This error does not affect other box types and it did not occur when Vb had an initial value.

  • Version 6.0.7 changes (07-Feb-03): Some minor cosmetic improvements were made to a few windows to better accommodate large system fonts under Windows XP.

  • Version 6.0.7 changes (16-Dec-02): An error was corrected that caused the wedge box shape to miscalculate the leading edge length of the top rear side in the parts list. It also caused intermittent problems with box dimension manipulation when using "external" dimensions.

  • Version 6.0.6 changes (17-Sep-02): The technical support telephone and fax numbers were updated to reflect the new area code that has been assigned to us. The old area code was 616. The new area code is 269.

  • An error was fixed that prevented the Vent Air Velocity graph from plotting under some circumstances for single-tuned triple-chamber bandpass boxes with two outer vented chambers.

  • The "Online Manual" was renamed to the "On-Screen Manual" because today the word "online" is more often associated with "on the internet" rather than "on the computer". As before, the on-screen manual resides entirely on the user's computer with BassBox Lite and no internet connection is required for its use.

  • Version 6.0.5 changes (22-Jan-02): The display properties of BassBox Lite were "tweaked" to add better support for the new Windows XP user interface. Prior versions of BassBox Lite are functionally compatible with Windows XP but they may not look as nice if the new XP display properties "style" is used. For example, the new extra thick title bars of XP windows may sometimes cause the bottom of the main window to scroll off the lower edge of the window. The background color of some tabs may not be consistent. This update enables BassBox Lite to look its best under all versions of Windows, regardless of the display properties "style" settings or title bar thickness.

  • BassBox Lite can be launched by double-clicking on a speaker design (bb6) file. In the past, when this was done, BassBox Lite saw only the old-style DOS file name and some "File" menu commands like "Save Design As..." were not enabled until after the design was changed. These things were improved: BassBox Lite is now able to retrieve the full extended file name and it immediately enables appropriate commands in the "File" menu.

  • Version 6.0.4 changes (06-Sep-01): A "shift" feature was added to the plot color indicator. Normally, clicking a plot color indicator causes the plot color to increment to the next available color. Holding the "Shift" key down while clicking on the plot color indicator now causes the plot color to decrement to the previous available plot color. In this way you can return to a previous color without cycling through all of them.

  • An improvement was made to the Phase Response graph to enable it to better handle rapid phase angle rotations when vent resonance peaks are included in the plot lines of vented and bandpass boxes. To make the phase angle plot line more readable, the phase angle of the vent resonance peaks is now normalized to the phase angle of the speaker without the vent resonance peaks. This produces sharp spikes at the resonance peaks in place of a wrapped plot line.

  • Version 6.0.4 changes (12-Jun-01): An error was fixed that allowed the amplitude response to shift when multiple drivers in a single-tuned bandpass box are wired separately and the "Drivers do NOT add coherently" option is turned on. This error did not affect single-tuned bandpass boxes with multiple drivers when they are assumed to sum coherently and it did not affect other bandpass boxes or any single-driver boxes.

  • An improvement was made to the refreshing of the F3 values of single-tuned bandpass boxes when the "DF" or "Q't" parameters are changed.

  • Version 6.0.3 changes (23-Mar-01): Made an internal change for compatibility with BassBox Pro speaker design files.

  • An error was fixed that prevented the box F3 value from being updated in the Design Panels of the main window when the "Include" items are turned on and off with the Graph menu.

  • Version 6.0.3 changes (17-Mar-01): An error was fixed that sometimes (rarely) prevented the "Print a BassBox Design" window from opening. A related error was fixed that also prevented color graph plot lines from printing in color even when the color option is turned on.

  • An error was fixed that sometimes (rarely) prevented the mini preview graph from being plotted when a speaker design is opened.

  • Version 6.0.3 changes (19-Dec-00): Made it possible for the Qtc value of closed boxes to be automatically recalculated when either the QL or damping values are changed.

  • Version 6.0.3 changes (30-Nov-00): An error was fixed that predicted too much low-frequency energy for some box designs with passive radiators. This problem affected primarily designs with passive radiator diaphragm (piston) areas that are much larger than the driver's diaphragm area.

  • Version 6.0.2 changes (10-Sep-00): Added the total box volume (Vtotal) to the printouts.

  • Added the capability to import driver parameters from an existing BassBox design file into an open design. In this way driver data from one design can be copied to another design without changing the box data. This feature is accessed with a new "Import" button on the "Parameters" tab of the Design Properties window.

  • The printouts were improved by making the line thickness of the box drawings, parts drawings and graphs automatically adjust for the resolution of the printer.

  • Added an "Include > Driver Acoustic Response" command to the Graphs menu to support this feature in BassBox Pro speaker design files. The command is enabled when a BassBox Pro file containing driver acoustic data is opened. Otherwise the command is disabled.

  • Added support for BassBox 6.0.11 Pro speaker design files.

  • An error was fixed which sometimes prevented numbers from being rounded when the "Round all numbers" setting is turned on in the Preferences window.

  • An error was fixed that caused the "Calculate All" button of the Driver Properties window to sometimes appear at inappropriate times.

  • Version 6.0.1 changes (11-Apr-00): An error was fixed that caused the program to use the BL value of an individual coil of a dual voice coil driver when the voice coils are wired in series. This error did not affect separately wired or parallel wired dual voice coils.

  • Version 6.0.1 changes (31-Jan-00): Added a new Design Priority window which opens when the "Suggest" button of the Box tab of the Design Properties window is clicked for a closed or standard vented box design. It allows the user to control the way that BassBox Lite calculates a "suggested" box by allowing the user to select "High Output", "High Fidelity", "Extended Bass" (vented boxes only), or a specified F3. As a result, the "X-Bass" button was removed from the Box tab of the Design Properties window.

  • Added a message (which the user can turn off) to notify the user that a "suggested" box is just that—only a suggestion. It encourages the user to feel free to experiment with the box size in case the "suggested" volume is too small or too large.

  • Added a "Don't show this message in the future" checkbox to the messages which appear when the program suspects that a dual voice coil parameter may have a problem. This will allow these messages to be ignored, if desired.

  • Improved the tab order of the Parameters tab of the Driver Properties window.

  • Added a refresh routine to cause the F3 value to be reset whenever the box type is changed.


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