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Explore Asuncion Paraguay SGAS with Taxi2Gate's Amazing FSX Add-on

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If you are looking for a realistic and detailed scenery of Asuncion, the capital city of Paraguay, for your Flight Simulator X (FSX), you might want to check out Taxi2Gate's SGAS add-on. This product recreates the Silvio Pettirossi International Airport (IATA: ASU, ICAO: SGAS), which is the main gateway to Paraguay and a hub for TAM Airlines and LAP.

[FSX] Taxi2Gate SGAS, Asuncion, Paraguay No Survey No Password No Download ((TOP))

In this article, we will review Taxi2Gate's SGAS scenery and see what it has to offer. We will cover the following aspects:

  • The features and specifications of the product

  • The installation and performance of the product

  • The visual quality and accuracy of the product

  • The pros and cons of the product

  • The price and value of the product

By the end of this article, you will have a better idea of whether Taxi2Gate's SGAS is worth buying or not. Let's get started!

Features and Specifications

Taxi2Gate's SGAS scenery is a highly detailed representation of the Silvio Pettirossi International Airport and its surroundings. It includes custom ground textures, photo scenery of Asuncion city, custom mesh, hand-placed autogen, full detail buildings, realistic ground markings, numerous static objects, fencing, AFCAD, realistic ground textures, night illumination, volumetric grass, and more.

Here are some of the key specifications of the product:

Product Name

Taxi2Gate - Asuncion Paraguay SGAS




FSX SP2/Acceleration

File Size

592 MB

Release Date

April 6th 2014


16.99 (approximately $19)

Purchase Link^1^)

Installation and Performance

The installation of Taxi2Gate's SGAS scenery is straightforward and easy. You just need to download the product from after purchasing it and run the installer. You will need to enter your email address and serial number to activate the product. The installer will automatically detect your FSX folder and add the scenery to your library.

The performance of Taxi2Gate's SGAS scenery is generally good and smooth. However, depending on your system specifications and settings, you may experience some frame rate drops or stutters in some areas, especially at night or when flying over Asuncion city. To improve your performance, you can try lowering some of your graphics settings or disabling some features in the scenery configurator tool that comes with the product.

Visual Quality and Accuracy

The visual quality and accuracy of Taxi2Gate's SGAS scenery is impressive and realistic. The airport itself is very well modeled and textured, with accurate buildings, terminals, hangars, towers, jetways, signs, vehicles, fences, lights, etc. The ground textures are high resolution and crisp, with realistic dcd2dc6462


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