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Alaskan Truck Simulator Activation Code [License] ((EXCLUSIVE))

Alaskan truck simulator crack is as car simulation game where you will take up a truck and drive through the roads of Alaska while making a cargo delivery. If you are into car simulation games then definitely check this one out.

Alaskan Truck Simulator Activation Code [License]

After this, players can start taking jobs from various fictitious companies and delivering cargo to various cities in their starting country to earn money. This money can then be spent on a new truck, upgrading the current truck, expanding the business to other countries, and obtaining a license to drive flammables and chemicals.

The game included two new truck companies, Scania and Renault Trucks, with MAN returning from the original game. DAF, Iveco, Mercedes-Benz, and Volvo trucks were not officially licensed and had their names changed to DAV, Ivedo, Majestic, and Valiant, respectively. Later updates included the official license for DAF, Iveco, and Volvo, and the official branding for the DAF XF, Volvo FH16, and Iveco Stralis.[9][10] In January 2013, SCS Software announced a downloadable content package called Going East!, expanding the game map into Eastern Europe. The DLC saw the introduction of thirteen new cities across Poland, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, and a new country, Hungary, and was released in September 2013. Unusually, Mercedes-Benz did not want their name to be in Euro Truck Simulator 2,[citation needed] and were still referred to as "Majestic". The Mercedes-Benz license was added to the game with version 1.18.1.


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