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Medical Laboratory Management And Supervision Varnadoe.pdf __FULL__

Having a captive patient population for its testing services has beena distinct advantage of hospital-based laboratories in the past.However, this advantage is rapidly changing as more patientsreceive their care at outpatient surgery centers and walk-in medicalclinics and even show up at hospital admission centers with theirown laboratory results. Add these changes to new medical alliances,corporate and hospital mergers, HMOs, PPOs and DRGs, and thehospital laboratory may find itself competing with what used to bereferral lab.

Medical Laboratory Management And Supervision Varnadoe.pdf

Advertisement: - Commercial presentations paid for by the organization to promote its products and services.In the laboratory community the ongoing campaign to increase ourvisibility as professionals includes promotional activities such as LabWeek and publications designed to inform the public of ourcontribution to its health (Mooney, 1995: Robinson, 1995).We are all familiar with customer service representatives who visitthe laboratory every day. However, the direct selling of medicalservices, particularly professional diagnostic and treatmentprocedures such as laboratory test and physician services, is a veryrecent phenomenon.


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