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The Benefits of Using Mach3 2010 Screenset for CNC Machining

The Mach3 2010 Screenset is a replacement screenset that provides a much cleaner interface than other available Mach3 screensets, while at the same time attempting to look and feel as close as possible to a standard "Windows" program. Rather than have a collection of several unique pages, each with their own functions, 2010 has a single "main" screen containing the most commonly used controls, with smaller tabs for specific functions.

Mach3 2010 Screenset

The Mach3 2010 screen set is designed to be run at the above listed resolutions only. Auto Screen enlarge must be turned off, or the text and graphics may be distorted and/or unreadable. Users with larger monitors should run it in a window for best results.

Tutorial Videos These videos explain how to set up the 2010 Screenset and explain some of the features and how the Auto Zero routines function. For best results, watch in Fullscreen mode at 720p resolution.

As of development version, 3.43.028, Artsoft has fixed the issue with the 3.43 versions. The current version of Mach3 (3.43.066) works fine with the 2010 Screenset. Older versions prior to the versions can also be used without issue. I personally use both 3.42.020 and 3.42.040.

**Older versions of Mach3 prior to the series do not support some of the DRO's and LED's used in the 2010 Screenset. I don't know exactly what versions will work properly prior to the versions. may work, but I don't think any versions older than that do.

While a large number of 2010 Screenset users are using it successfully with external motion controllers, some have found that their particular motion controller's plugins do not support probing properly. Most user's have been able to get updated plugins which do work.

Purchase with PayPal. 2010 screenset files will be sent via email within 24 hours of purchase. Please provide a valid email address at time of purchase. File size is approx. 4.25Mb If future updates or bug fixes are required, they will be sent to the email address supplied during purchase.

For those wanting to modify the screenset, Photoshop file contains individual layers for each tab, as well as separate layers for 3 and 4 axis DRO's. Note that most of the text and buttons on the tabs are bitmap images, and are not directly editable. Modifying tabs will require the user to create their own buttons and text. Experience creating and/or modifying Mach3 screens is highly recommended.

Auto Zero G54 through G59 modified macros - The Default AutoZero macro included in the 2010 Screenset will only set Z zero in the current coordinate system. When Changing to a different Work Offset, the Z zero position is lost. These modified versions allows you to AutoZero in any offset from G54-G59, and automatically sets the Z offset for all 6 Work Offsets. This allows you to use multiple offsets in a single g-code file, or switch from one offset to another without losing your Z zero position. The .zip file includes the M881, M889 and M6End macros, to zero all offsets using the Simple Auto Zero, Initial Auto Zero, and during tool changes. Just replace the original .m1s files with these. - Download

Modified .set files for use with it Jog It! pendant. - The standard 2010 screenset .set files do not use the standard Mach3 shortcut keys, which are required to use the Jog It! pendant. Both 3 and 4 axis versions (1024x768) of the 2010 Screenset are available to use the Jog It! pendant. Just place the .set file in the Mach3 folder, and use View > Load Screens to load it. (Other versions coming soon) See YouTube video for more info.

Post Processors for Vectric's V-Carve Pro and Aspire. - Modified Vectric Post processors that remove the initial tool change to prevent Auto Zeroing the first tool twice, and remove G43 tool length offsets. Also adds M883, so tool will now finish in the Park position specified in the 2010 screenset. This allows you to change the finishing location without editing the g-code, by changing the Park position in the screenset.

Modified Macros for Chinese Motion Controllers - Many Chinese motion controllers do not properly support probing, specifically the use of the GetVar() function. These macros use alternate methods of getting the probe position, and may work when the standard 2010 macros do not work properly. There's no guarantee they will work ,but they have for some people.

With that screen and the mach3mill_auto tool zero.cps you can do it now... M6 starts the auto tool macro and M883 stops the macro and moves the router to a park position (defined by the user thru mach 3 software) to release the tool.


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