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Sopranos Video Game Being Released For The XBox 360

The videogame based on HBO's brutal series about mob life. A mob war is brewing as Philadelphia's and New Jersey's most powerful families are about to collide. As the illegitimate son of "Big Pussy," you have been born into the organization and are now being given an opportunity to demonstrate your loyalty to Tony Soprano. As a soldier you must earn money on collections, protect your turf through intimidation, and gain admiration within your own family to move up in the ranks of the organization. Carry out orders from Paulie, Silvio, Christopher and Tony in familiar locations such as the Bada Bing!, Nuovo Vesuvio's and Satriale's. The storyline features collaboration with show creator David Chase and is voiced by the show's key cast members.The Xbox 360 version of this game was originally planned, but was cancelled late in development.

Sopranos Video Game Being Released for the XBox 360

The concept for the game originated from an idea that Sopranos creator David Chase had years earlier in his writing career. Chase described the original idea as "an action/comedy about a regular Joe from nowhere who decides he wants to be in the Mafia and how you go about joining."[1] Despite the connection to his original idea, Chase maintained that it wasn't his idea to develop a Sopranos video game and that HBO executives spearheaded the project.[1] Chase did however oversee Alan Rucker's script for the game to ensure "the characters were true to the characters."[2]

Grand Theft Auto V, one of the year's most eagerly awaited video games, released today for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. A GameStop spokesperson told ABC News that more than 4,000 of its stores had midnight releases, with 1,500 of them going so far as to have a midnight launch party with prizes and food trucks.

But other than being the latest entry in a successful video game series, what does GTAV bring to the table that's new? Players will see the improvements in the gameplay, like how a gun shoots or how a car handles. But perhaps the biggest change is that players are given not one but three characters to wreak havoc in the fictional city of Los Santos.

Jim Sterling, the reviews editor for video game news outlet, said that developer Rockstar Games also put more emphasis on the playable characters themselves, rather than have them passively or stoically react to the world around them. \"It's more like the supporting characters react to the heroes than the other way around,\" he said.

One of those characters, Trevor, will certainly elicit reactions from both the denizens of Los Santos and activists in the real world critical of video game violence. According to Sterling, he epitomizes every negative thing that anti-video game activists see in the Grand Theft Auto franchise. \"He's a depraved, psychotic, omnisexual sociopath,\" he said. \"I'll be surprised if he doesn't ruffle a few feathers.\"

Video games and other forms of media have come under criticism for being too violent and possibly contributing to shooting incidents across the country. Psychologists who specialize in the research of aggression said that it is a much more nuanced topic than a simple question of asking if video games cause violent behaviors.

Sterling acknowledged that video games can be violent, but he put the onus on the people buying the games. \"The emphasis is on the responsibility of the parents to determine what's appropriate for their child,\" he said. \"I would say, just be conscious of who you are buying the game for.\"

Console makers have been aggressively marketing their new devices as both centers for video game playing and hubs for entertainment. Sony and Microsoft are eager to be invited into consumers' living rooms as the cord-cutting crowd, now pegged at about 10 million homes in the US, continues to grow. In fact, the most common device for accessing Netflix on a television screen is a video game console, according to a September report by market researcher GfK.

The Sopranos: Road to Respect is a game based off of HBO's award winning mafia show about the trials and tribulations of Tony Soprano, the don of New Jersey. The game serves as a side-story to the TV show, taking place between seasons five and six. You play as Joey LaRocca, the illegitimate son of Sal "Big Pussy" Bonpensiero, an infamous rat in the Soprano crew. After attempting to rob a pedestrian outside of Satriale's butcher shop, Joey is taken under the wing of Tony Soprano. The game has you completing missions for him, most of which are comprised of be-em-up levels. Originally planned for a Playstation 2 and Xbox 360 release, the game was cancelled on the Xbox 360 for undisclosed reasons. The game was released on the Playstation 2 November 7, 2006 and was developed by 7 Studios and published by THQ and HBO. The game received mostly negative reviews due to its highly repetitive gameplay, weak graphics and poor collision detection. In a Gamespot review of the game critic Greg Mueller said the game was "...The Sopranos: Road to Respect is a straightforward mission-based action game with a strong cast of identifiable characters and a fairly interesting story, but it's also ugly, short, riddled with bugs, and just no fun to play."

Everyone's favourite emotionally conflicted mafia boss is to star in a new videogame, according to a report by Bank of America analysts, and according to a source close to the LA development scene 7 Studios is developing it.

With the impending fall releases of "Guitar Hero III" and "Rock Band," careful attention is being paid to ensure that both games exude a true rock spirit. Having the right credentials counts, and at E3 earlier this month, the pedigree of both games was showcased.

He admitted the game gave him some trouble and that being a skilled guitar player might actually be a liability. "I'm not great at it," he said. "And a lot of that has to do with the fact that it's hard for me to get rid of 30 years -- whatever it is -- 20-some-odd years of playing in a certain way and then all of the sudden become accustomed to pressing some buttons and stuff. I have these little things that I'm so used to doing that when I'm playing 'Guitar Hero' it sort of screws me up."


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