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Axel Bennett
Axel Bennett

Iron Man 2 Bluray 1080p.mkv HOT!

in summation, this 4k blu-ray release of iron man is solid, while also being nothing to gush over. although it features a lack of notable improvements to the overall image resolution, the hdr pass in this new transfer is solid. the brand-new dolby atmos mix is easily a highlight of this disc, presenting a thunderous soundscape. unfortunately, the recycled supplements and lack of the second special features disc from the previous release doesnt help this 4k version out much. while its sure to please average fans and technical nerds, theres not much here to justify upgrading from the 1080p version for those who already own it. as a result, this release from buena vista home entertainment comes recommended with a grain of salt.

Iron Man 2 Bluray 1080p.mkv

while i prefer to see everything in the print, i did really enjoy the theatrical release of iron man. while the sequel is a bit of a disappointment, i have to admit that the 4k blu-ray is a bit of a head scratcher. a lackluster dolby atmos mix, and recycled bonus features are certainly not going to be enough to pull me in, especially with the hd blu-ray of the same film being so solid and fresh. nevertheless, iron man in 4k is an exciting and even better-looking release. the 4k disc from disney is an absolute must-have for a serious fan.

directed by jon favreau iron man stars robert downey jr., gwyneth paltrow, don cheadle, guy pearce, rebecca hall, jon favreau, james badge dale, jeff bridges, and mickey rourke. rated pg-13. 1.85:1 widescreen.66:1 aspect ratio. 110 minutes.


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