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Buy I5 8600k

It is still an awesome chip but you are much better off getting the new i5 9600k over the old i5 8600k. However, if you can stretch to the i7 8700k I highly recommend you do so. It has dropped in price recently thanks to the release of the new 9th gen CPUs.

buy i5 8600k

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The i5 8600k is the cheaper of the two 8th generation chips built upon the 14nm architecture. It has a stock clock speed of 3.6 GHz which boosts to 4.1GHz for all six cores, 4.2 GHz for dual/quad cores and around 4.3Ghz for single core. If you have the 7th generation i5 7600k you can expect a speed increase of around 15%.

With that said why even consider the i7 8700k then? Why did I choose it over the i5 8600k? I was upgrading from an i5 3570 which at the time was a solid CPU and can still hold its own today with most games at medium settings.

If you are a fan of VR, have a VR kit or looking to potentially join the VR craze in the near future then this should definitely be a deciding factor when choosing between these two chips. Both are labelled and marketed for being VR ready but I would definitely recommend the i7 8700k over the i5 8600k.

When it comes to VR frames are even more important because a low frame rate ruins your immersion and can cause nausea and disorientation. The i7 8700k will be able to manage any VR experience alongside a solid GPU and will provide you with a better experience overall compared to the i5 8600k.

A CPU is only compatible with certain motherboard chipsets which means they can only be used with motherboards with the correct socket. For the i5 8600k and i7 8700k you will need to buy a new 300 series motherboard. 041b061a72


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